Who we are

Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) is a company active in Digital TV and Over The Top (OTT) services since 2007.

We provide broadcast Ad Insertion and OTT server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion services and solutions to major TV Stations, content providers and Ad Sales Houses.

We have a team experienced in Digital TV (broadcast, IPTV and OTT), Ad & Content Insertion (DTV and Online Advertising) and delivery of live TV Stations and On-Demand services over the Internet.

What we do

We are focused on providing:

   Linear and On Demand Ad insertion solutions and services for Digital TV operators (Cable, Satellite, IPTV, OTT) and content providers / TV Stations 

•  Server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion and Ad Stitching solutions and services for Online and Internet distribution 

   Over-The-Top (OTT) head-end capture / transcoding

   File-to-File transcoding services 

   IP contribution network 


For more information, feel free to visit the next sections to guide you through the "Services" and ”Products”  we provide.